Improving Relationships - Meditation Drop In Classes

10th May 2021 07:00 PM

Improving Relationships – with Tracy McLaughlin Our quality of life depends a great deal on the kind of interactions we have with others. We rely so much on other people for so many things- for work, goods and services, and for love and support, to name a few. In fact everything we have, including our life itself, has come from others. At the same time we can find that even our closest relationships can sometimes be challenging, and this can seriously affect our peace of mind. We all wish for good relationships in our life, but relationships between couples, parents and children, friends or colleagues often suffer from misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations and conflict. We love each other, and yet we are not always happy together. This is because we do not understand the real nature of love and how to practically improve our love in our close relationships. Buddha teaches us many methods by which we can transform our view of others and learn to accept and appreciate others as they are. By learning to develop a balanced and loving mind towards others- no matter how they behave, we will find within our own mind a source of inexhaustible peace and joy that nobody can take away from us. In this five-week drop-in course, we will learn to increase our love and kindness and help us to connect with other people in a relaxed and positive way. Come uncover the warmth and happiness that already exist within your own heart! Week 1, 28th April: Learning to relate to others differently. Week 2, 5th May: Deepening our love for others. Week 3, 13th May: A meaningful exchange. Week 4, 20th May: Great compassion Week 5, 27th May: Giving happiness


  • Monday 3rd May, 2021 07:00 PM - Monday 3rd May, 2021 08:30 PM
  • Monday 10th May, 2021 07:00 PM - Monday 10th May, 2021 08:30 PM
  • Monday 17th May, 2021 07:00 PM - Monday 17th May, 2021 08:30 PM
  • Monday 24th May, 2021 07:00 PM - Monday 24th May, 2021 08:30 PM
  • Monday 31st May, 2021 07:00 PM - Monday 31st May, 2021 08:30 PM


  • suggested donation or affordable contribution - $12.00
  • suggested donation or affordable contribution (unwaged) - $6.00


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