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About Us

Feilding & District Promotion


Friendly Feilding and District, it's a great place to live, work and play.

With a long history as leaders of progress in Feilding, we’re continuing to help grow our community’s bright and prosperous future.

We’re thinking globally, interacting regionally, and acting locally.

We know that working together towards common goals and a unified vision is how we help bring success for local business and our whole community.

Helping to keep our community connected and alive, vibrant and thriving, means everyone’s included.

You’ll find us trackside at the Railway Station on Aorangi Road.


Here, we’ve built a platform for our community. A central place for making all the right connections to get us to our desired destination.

We’re building strong relationships, finding allies and champions, and together we’re being thoughtful about how we make decisions about making our place and experiences even better.

We understand how valuable networking is and encourage participation with lots of opportunity to belong and enjoy.

Come on board, we’d love to take you with us!

BA5 Feilding & District

You are invited to join us at our upcoming meetings.

Feilding & District Promotion is all about local.

Locals working for locals; we’re all in this together.

We’re supporting and showcasing our local businesses, our heroes, our places, events and times, promoting and connecting locally, regionally, nationally and on the world stage too.

If we can encourage all of our locals to shop locally first, supporting our local businesses, we know this helps to keep our town working, alive and vibrant.

We know too, that we are a hidden gem, off the beaten track and we’re working on telling more national and international visitors to come and explore our place.

We’re proud locals who are fully invested.

We’re governed by an executive board of volunteers, they’re all connected to local businesses and organisations.

Our management team and Information Centre team all live locally.

If you’re moving to the area, in business or thinking about setting up business in Feilding or the ManawatÅ« District, you need to know that our organisation is here for you, helping, supporting and assisting in whatever way we can.

Come on board, you’ll find us trackside, at the Railway Station in friendly Feilding, NZ’s best and most beautiful town.

We’re interested in everything successful that makes us uniquely us and is uniquely ours…

like a smile as you pass someone in the street.

Join us in friendly Feilding NZ, the best place in the world to live work and play.


Discover friendly Feilding and Manawatū District NZ; a great place to stop, shop and eat while you play and explore our spectacular landscape from the mountains to the sea.


Community spirit is alive and well in friendly Feilding’s events. Our events help us to celebrate, encourage cultural and community interaction, enrich lives, and build memories.


Discover friendly Feilding and Manawatū District NZ; a great place to stop, shop and eat while you play and explore our spectacular landscape from the mountains to the sea.


If you need any more information about an event or have a question please feel free to contact us from the details below.

CONTACT US: 06 323 3318
VISIT: Feilding Railway Station

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