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Whanau Ataahua Beautiful Families Trust invites you...

Matariki Poster Manawatu Feilding

Have fun colouring in this beautiful Matariki design by @KoukouCreations , you can pick up a copy from Feilding & District Information Centre at the Railway Station, bring it to the Matariki Celebration this Thursday - you may win a spot prize:)

CLICK HERE If you would like to learn the MATARIKI 9 STAR WAIATA TO SING ALONG as you do the Macarena! 

Welcome - Nau mai, haere mai,

You are invited to join us on

Thursday 23 June 2022, 10am-1pm, Civic Centre Feilding.

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 Manawatu Matariki Celebrations

A time for connecting, reflecting and celebrating our uniqueness

Whānau Ataahua Beautiful Families Trust (WABFT) has been organising the Matariki Celebration in the Manawatū District for eight years now. This year they're reminding everyone that the whole community is invited to come along and enjoy the free performances at Feilding's Civic Centre.

The Trust originally staged the event outdoors in Feilding’s town centre on Manchester Square. Four years later its’ popularity saw a move indoors to the Civic Centre which WABFT manager Delhia Mataki says helped to weather-proof the event for the future.

“Each year we organise and bring together our community to celebrate Matariki and each year it continues to grow. It is simply beautiful to see our community come together and our young people performing and everyone enjoying Māori performing arts - KapaHaka.

Our thanks and appreciation to all our local schools and business who awhi(care)and support Whanau Ataahua Beautiful Families Trust in making this event possible through the years and the success it is today. A special thanks also to our sponsors Manawatu District Council and Te Puni Kōkiri.”

Manawatu Matariki Celebrations

This year ten local schools will be performing Kapa Haka at the festival:

Manawatu Matariki Celebrations

Lytton Street School-TeRerengaKōtare, North Street School-Ngā Huia Kaimanawa, Hapaitia Kōhanga Reo, Te Kura Kauwhata, Halcombe School, Manchester Street School, Feilding Intermediate School- Te Pae Kōkako, Hatō Pāora Boys College, Feilding High School-Te Rau Huia, and Te Ropu Waiata-Manawatū district Council.

 Manawatu Matariki Celebrations

Because Matariki is also a time for feasting and for sharing the fruits of harvest, a Hāngī will also be sold on the day to enjoy chicken, pork, beef, potato, pumpkin, kumara, carrot and stuffing -kai ataahua.

For more information contact

Delhia Mataki

Phone:  06 323 0414

Mobile: 022 311 0345


 Manawatu Matariki Celebrations

Together Remembering │ Celebrating the Present │  Looking to the Future…

 Manawatu Matariki Celebrations 

Mānawatia a Matariki (Happy Māori New Year)

The Māori New Year a time of renewal, innovation, celebrating and sharing.



Matariki is the Māori name for the stars also known as the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus. Celebrations begin on the day of the first new moon following the rising of the star cluster.

Traditionally, the reappearance of the Matariki star cluster coincided with the end of the harvest season. Winter food stocks were plentiful, and less work was needed in the gardens and so people had time to apply their energies to other activities. A time of whakahou (renewal), whaiwhakaaro (reflection) and auaha (innovation) began. This was when hapū (kinship groups or subtribes) and whānau (close and extended family) would learn from successes or failures and think about how things could be improved for the year to come. 

Festivities were held for Matariki with celebrations of various kinds to remember their whakapapa (genology) farewell the dead and to honour ancestors, and to celebrate life.


The beginning of the 21st century has seen a revival in Matariki celebrations with New Zealanders coming together to honour and celebrate this significant national event in a variety of ways.

Matariki is also traditionally a time of renewal – for nature, and for the wairua (spirit) of the people.


Manawatu Matariki Celebrations

Caption: This logo represents hope for the nations unity during Matariki celebrations.


“It’s a gathering point for all people to come together and celebrate what has happened in the year gone and let it go. To celebrate who we are presently and to wish for the promise of a new season and a new year.” Dr Rangi Matamua   READ MORE HERE>>

Matariki is a time for remembering, celebrating the present and looking to the future...


Discover friendly Feilding and Manawatū District NZ; a great place to stop, shop and eat while you play and explore our spectacular landscape from the mountains to the sea.


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Discover friendly Feilding and Manawatū District NZ; a great place to stop, shop and eat while you play and explore our spectacular landscape from the mountains to the sea.


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