Dealing With Uncertainty - Meditation Course

19th Apr 2021 07:00 PM

Dealing With Uncertainty – with Tracy McLaughlin We are all living in uncertain times, both globally and personally. It is easy to feel troubled by everything that we see in the world and upset by the difficulties that we’re dealing with daily. Times of change and uncertainty can be unsettling, but they also can become transformative. Buddha explained how to keep the mind free from fear and anxiety and instead use difficult situations to cultivate inspiring views that help us keep calm and positive amidst conflict and chaos. In this course we will explore practical approaches to the challenges we are facing and how to deal with changes with a less stressed and anxious mind. We will learn how to grow our inner strength, peace of mind, and emotional resilience. Class 1: What is uncertainty Where does uncertainty and the resulting anxiety come from, how does it affect us and what can we do? Class 2: A different perspective There are few things that are certain in life. One thing that is certain is that everything changes and this can give rise to much anxiety or sadness. By contemplating and meditating on Buddha’s teachings on impermanence, we can learn to feel at peace with change and live more in the moment. Class 3: Don’t feel lonely We discover a feeling of connectedness with others instead of feeling as if we are isolated individuals and therefore suffer from loneliness. In reality we are all interconnected. By learning to understand and feel this connection we’ll reduce our sense of isolation, allowing a natural closeness and authentic love for others to arise. Class 4: How to feel more confident In this class we come to realise that living beings (including ourselves) have no faults and we learn to focus more on our good qualities than constantly identifying with our negative ones. Class 5: Life is short Our human life is precious but short. We can learn how to find true happiness and make this life extremely meaningful through transforming all our ordinary daily activities into the spiritual path. Classes are also available online.


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